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Biocin F Series Organic Plant Strengthener
BIOCIN-F is a liquid biological plant strengthener derived from a herbal mixture using a natural water extraction method. Initial experiments have shown that plant resistance against fungal diseases is increased. BIOCIN-F is fully organic and does not contain any unsafe or harmful ingredients, which may damage the eco-system and has a pleasant taste and smell.
BIOCIN-F does not use any chemical processes and has no chemical refinement or enhancements and is extremely low in macro-nutrients (N-P-K), but still promoting vigorous, healthy plant growth.
As a natural plant product, the colour may vary between batches, however this does not affect the efficacy. BIOCIN-F is non-toxic to human and animals and has a shelf life of at least two years.

  • Natural water extraction process
  • No chemical processing used
  • No additional chemical refinement or enhancement
  • Extremely low in macro nutrients (N-P-K) but producing vigorous,healthy plant growth
  • Non toxic for humans and animals


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