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Biocin Organic Horse Anti Fly and Tick Spray
100% Herbal Insect Repellent for Horses
Convenient 500ml spray bottle.
Active substance: Natural organic pyrethrum extracted from the Tanecetium Parthenium (Feverfew) Flower Contents: Pyrethrum Extract, Sesame Oil, Tannin, Water
Contains no chemical synergists or active substances.

The Biocin Organic Horse spray is a 100% organic blend of plant extracts. It contains Pyrethrum extract of feverfew, organic synergists and special tannins (unique to us, no competitive product can do this) that combine together to give this spray a much more effective result and reduce the required number of applications to remain effective.
We also use food grade sesame oil (Grade Q) that suffocates insects by attacking the tracheae breathing system of the pest. As well, the organic tannins we utilize are extracted from oak galls, allowing for a chemical free preservative effect (antioxidantium, shelf life preservation) of our product.

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