Canadian Sales and European E-Store

We are very pleased to announce that we are proceeding with the sales of our Biocin Products in Canada. They will be available through our European (German) website by mail order, commencing in late June, 2014. We will have a link to the SSL secure website for this shopping service. We will be offering the following products: Horse Spray, Human Moisturizer & Protect, Bed Bug Spray (travel-size and commercial sizing available), Orchid Spray, Herb Spray, Rose Spray and several sizes of our Biocin F plant strengtheners from 500 ml to 5 liter size.

New North American Distributor

We are very pleased to announce that we have appointed a new special market distributor in North America for our Biocin F, G and phosphorous products to address the growing medical marijuana market for the purposes of chemical free plant feeding of medicinal marijuana plants. After successful testing and analysis, we can confirm significant increases in active ingredients in the plants as well as shortened maturity cycles and greater weights of flowers or buds. This formulation has been specifically designed for the medical marijuana plant industry. We will be happy to refer you to our distributor, should you have an interest in using our proven winners on your next crop cycle consisting of a veg and bloom packaged system.

Bed Bugs Beware!

We are very pleased to offer an effective extermination solution against bed bugs for your travel requirements when overseas. This product will be available in hotel/institutional sizes for application to hotel rooms or residential buildings with bed bug infestations. This product has also been very effective against all types of spider mites and it will not leave any residual chemistry as it naturally decomposes after three days. This will require re-application where infestations are serious over a period of 30 days or 10 applications. The travel size will be a 100 ml. size enabling you to carry it onto an airplane for safe bug-free trips and vacations. We will be posting videos of the product being demonstrated on insects and proving its effectiveness.

Swiss Biocin Organics - all territories

We are in the process of completing our secure areas of this site for our distributors, wholesalers and retailers. This area of the site will encompass pricing and current exchange rates for our valued customers from Canada right down to Australia. Where ever you are, we will have accurate daily exchange rates for each country we do business with and these rates will be reflected in the pricing for each customer at every level. This will be accomplished with the simple press of the refresh button, once you have logged in with your individual secure access information. As well, in this secure area, you will be able to order product, access delivery times or inventory levels and request any type of customer support for your specific needs.

Biocin Canada

We have had a resounding response to our product sampling of the Biocin Horse Insect Spray at a number of stables in the Vancouver area of British Columbia. Please see the endorsement letter from Riverside Stables.

Biocin Canada

We tested Biocin FGT Tomato liquid concentrate this summer on hanging baskets of cherry tomatoes and realized a number of significant improvements; increased numbers of blossoms and fruit, sweeter product and significantly longer fruit bearing period ( by over a month) from identical baskets purchased from a garden centre in Richmond, BC. The two plants were fertilized with Biocin and a chemical fertilizer according to manufacturer’s formulations and the Biocin results were significantly better on all accords.

Biocin Australia

The first samples of the Horse Flea and Tick spray have been received in Brisbane and are now being tested by several types of operation for effectiveness. Our Representative in Australia, Mr. Carl Bauer ( has sampled a few horse stables to assess the effectiveness of the spray against paralytic ticks. This type of tick has been a serious problem for the owners of show and recreational horses in Australia this year.

Biocin Australia

Mr. Carl Bauer has been in discussions with a major Veterinarian supply company to have the product assessed and tested for use against Buffalo flies in cattle herds and other types of livestock herds in Australia. Please see: (PDF) These flies affect the cattle with either reduced milk production or lower weights. We have had success with other types of flies similar to the Buffalo flies and we are confident our product can effectively control the Buffalo fly. Our Anti-Fly & Tick sprays are available in industrial sized containers as well as consumer sized bottles (500 ml.)

Biocin Switzerland

Rene Hefti, Switzerland, a Golf Instructor improved his training turfs pitching and putting greens with Biocin-F!
Biocin has significantly reduced brown spots and recurring disease breakouts after winter with snow.
There were no additional substances beside Biocin F Plant Strengthener at 10% concentration with water - three treatments!
One treatment in April, then in July, and the final treatment in October.
Rene Hefti continues to try different mixtures and concentrations after seeing such encouraging results.