Swiss Biocin BC Corporation History

The company story is very brief but colorful, given the blend of personalities and partners in the company.
The Swiss Biocin product was sent to Mr. Kurt Landert, Managing partner of four successful Keg Steakhouse & Bar franchises in the lower mainland of British Columbia, by his cousin from Switzerland. Kurt was intrigued with the product but didn't really know what the product was or what its market potential truly was.
Kurt approached one of his regular customers, Mr. Terrence Akesson, who is involved with an organic fertilizer company in Asia with the samples in hand. Upon a lengthy enthusiastic discussion, Terrence agreed to look into the products and test them. Both Terrence and Kurt thought this was just another "organic" fertilizer, at first look. Upon research and understanding, they realized how unique and special these Biocin Plant Strengtheners really were.
The two products Terrence took with him, to sample and test, were the Biocin Horse Spray and the Biocin "F" tomato concentrate. The next day, Terrence took the horse spray down to the stables where his daughter rides and they applied it to several horses that were known as difficult to handle when there were flies around them. The results were immediate! The very first application was successful (see Riverside Stables Testimonial) and the stable hands were incredibly impressed with how effective and long lasting the product was. The Horse spray has since been tested and used by a number of other stables in the lower mainland of British Columbia.
Terrence applied the tomato product onto some hanging cherry tomatoes in two identical baskets purchased the same day, during the month of June, 2011. One basket was strengthened with Biocin and the other was fertilized with a chemical fertilizer. We would soon realize how dramatically different the results would be! Not only did the Biocin plant produce more, sweeter, meatier tomatoes; it continued to produce both flowers and fruit until the end of October. The other plant was finished producing fruit in early September.
Through Terrence and Kurt's network of business associates, we have quickly verified the effectiveness and viability of the products for the Canadian marketplace. Currently we have distribution agreements in place for Canada, Vietnam and Australia as well as potential distributors for South America and the USA.

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