About Biocin

Swiss Biocin Organics BC Corporation is a Canadian registered corporation that is the importer of Biocin Europe AG (web-site: http://www.biocin.ch/) products throughout Canada, The United States of America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam.
It is our intention to promote the use of organic products for the improvement of our ecological bio-system in every country we are licensed to distribute these ecologically sensitive organic products.
Swiss Biocin Organics Ltd is a Swiss Company with Research & Development and production centre in Surin, Thailand, providing the ideal environment for research into insect control and the necessary climate conditions for the production of the tropical plant extracts, from which the Biocin product family are developed. The central characteristic of the Biocin-Bio-control family is the very low levels of active ingredients, producing effective and eco-friendly products.
Biocin, as a corporate group, are mindful of pollution caused by chemical substances and therefore all products developed are environmentally friendly and pose no risk to humans or animals. In addition insect repellents which are used directly on the skin have excellent skin care and aromatherapy properties. Biocin adheres to strict Swiss based quality control, delivering consistent and high value products. Biocin is an EU approved product offering now being used throughout Europe.
We are extremely excited to have been appointed to import and distribute these fine products in our given territories and hope that the products continue to enhance their customers respective businesses through consistent performance and improved crop results and/or effective pest control.


BIOCIN develops biological compounds as alternative to synthetic chemicals, producing products for: