Swiss Biocin Organics brings forth innovations that will revolutionize how organic products are used. Organic Plant Strengtheners that prove far more effective than any chemical fertilizer, and Anti-Pest spray that is safer to use than even the most mild chemical repellents.


Organics are Our Future

Natural strengthening, instead of artificial reinforcing!
100% made from natural vegetable products, Organics are no danger to humans, animals, or our groundwater.
Since the advent of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the 1940’s our air, water, food, blood, mother’s milk and adipose tissue contain significant residues of a variety of harmful pesticide poisons.


All Natural Organic Spray Plant Strengtheners, Fertilizer Concentrates, Insect Repellent, and Insect Killer


  • Biocin products provide nutrients and help strengthen the plant to fight diseases.
  • Unhealthy grass treated with Biocin F rapidly returns to a vibrant green.
  • Repellents are a 100% blend of plant extracts and oils.

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OpHset: A biofilm treatment!

A new product revolutionizes sewer and pipe treatments...




      OpHset - organic wastewater treatment comes to North America from Down Under!
Read more if you have questions about the product, or if you want to be a distributor!

Our OpHset wastewater  
testing technicians to help you
  determine how we can improve
    your wastewater discharge or
      turn it into potable water, for
      re-use or re-entry into the
        water table.

              Please give us a try!

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